Xpress Translation

Xpress offers a fast, reliable and truly professional translation and interpretation service across nearly every European and extra-European language across the world, operating to the best code of practice within the translation industry and in full compliance with the requirements of the EN 15038 and UNI 10574 Standards (provision of translation and interpreting services), an absolute standard of reliability and quality in the field of translation of technical, business, legal, financial, literary, medical and IT documents across all world languages.

Translated file formats

Expert WEBSITE translation Services

Looking to expand your business across Europe?

Get your website translation done!

Consumers are four times more likely to buy from a website that is in their own native language. Why not maximise your online potential with a multilingual website to attract international visitors and increase enquiries? We offer a wide range of global translation services to help you communicate globally. Our team of web and localisation experts is ready to take your business to the next level. Our specialist website translators not only work with visible content, but also behind the scenes, to create consistent, effective and all-embracing communications.

Expert FINANCIAL Translation Services

Balance sheets, financial statements, reports and prospectuses.
Banking documents
Stock Exchange reports
Bylaws and Articles of Association

Expert TECHNICAL Translation Services

Installation, Use & Maintenance manuals and Guides
Technical Specifications
Calls for tender and bids
technical Datasheets
Product information
Drawings and Charts
Directives, Regulations and Patents

Expert LEGAL Translation Services

Contracts and Agreements
Legal documents and deeds (litigation, criminal law, court judgments)
Certificates & Background Checks

Marriage, Divorce and Immigration documents

We have a network of professional legal linguists who used to support law firms, corporations and government institutions on a broad range of legal translation work and are able to translate and certify all sorts of certificates or official documents

Expert LITERARY translation services

Tourist guides and varied advertising material
Translation editing service

Expert MARKETING & PRESS translation services

Brochures, leaflets and promotional materials
Catalogues and price lists
Press releases
Communication plans
Job Descriptions
Business surveys

SWORN and CERTIFIED translation projects to a high standard

We are able to CERTIFY our translations. We provide the translation along with the source document and a certification report, which are stamped, sealed and bound.

Expert SCIENTIFIC Translation Services

Articles from scientific journals
Information leaflets
Documents on medical-surgical products
Medical reports
Congress presentations and documents